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Building an airplane is easy with the right plans! The Affordaplane Aircraft Plans have just been newly revised and updated as of January 2017. The Affordaplane Plans package now contains 279 pages, covering every aspect of the Affordaplane aircraft.    
    The Construction Manual is 55 pages of detailed photos and step by step instructions. The manual also includes an article on aircraft hardware, how-to information like how to cut metal, how to cover and paint your aircraft, weight and balance procedures, and much more.
   The blueprints are 65 pages of easy to read, clutter free drawings. Every single fitting is drawn full size with dimensions given. The airfoil is also drawn full size with ordinates. A complete materials list is included.  
    As an added bonus over a hundred photos sent in from customers showing their own Affordaplanes during construction, along with photos of flying A-Planes are included with the new plans.
   You also get builder support from the designer of the Affordaplane. If you have a question the designer will answer you back via email.

    Your Affordaplane plans are sent in digital PDF format, delivered instantly to your email address, and you can view and print them on your home printer. Our customers love the savings and convenience of our digital Plans, and we think you will too. This is the complete Affordaplane Plans Package.

     Simply click on the link below, and it will take you to our secure order page. All major credit cards are accepted, including Paypal. After ordering, you will be taken to a page where you can instantly download your Affordaplane Plans Set. It's that easy!

Affordaplane Plans Package
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Affordaplane Plans!

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