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About The Affordaplane Light Sport Aircraft
    What's the easiest and most inexpensive sport airplane to build? One of the best contenders is the Affordaplane: a sophisticated, yet ultra-simple airplane that can be built as an ultralight or light sport aircraft.
    The Affordaplane was introduced in 2000 as a back-to-basics, all aluminum, true three axis airplane that anyone could build, especially those on a tight budget.

Affordaplane Light Sport Aircraft
    The design goals for this unique airplane were nostalgic looks (having incorporated the best elements of classic taildraggers such as the Cubs and Champs), ease of assembly, and performance that rivals more expensive ultralights.

About The Affordaplane Aircraft
     Safety was also paramount, and resulted in an airframe that surrounds the pilot through 360 degrees. A sixteen year perfect safety record backs up the claim that this is one safe, tough bird.
     The A-Plane's fuselage structure is based on immensely strong two-inch square aluminum tubes, similar to many gyroplanes. The wings are made of aluminum tubes, and are fabric covered.
     At 5' high, the A-Plane is 17'3" long with a 27.5' wing span. Weight is a legal 254 pounds if built as an ultralight. Many people also build it as a Light Sport Aircraft.
    This airplane can easily accommodate 6' plus pilots that weigh up to 230 pounds.

    Controls are standard three-axis stick and rudder with full span ailerons. The flight envelope was designed to be ultralight legal in accordance with FAR Part 103. Cruise is between 60 and 65 mph. Stalls come in at a gentle 27 mph or lower minimum. Climb rates average 800 feet per minute.
     Builders praise the flying characteristics of their A-Planes. "Flies like a light Cub or Champ", is what our pilots usually report. The A-Plane is very stable with no bad habits. The rugged landing gear allows the aircraft to fly in and out of just about any field condition.
     Engines recommended in the plans are in the 40 to 45 hp range. Rotax, Hirth, and other motors such as the Kawasaki 440 are also a good choice.

  Affordaplane Flying

     The aircraft always draws a large crowd whenever it is shown at airshows. Perhaps the best part of all is the lifetime bonds of friendship you share between those who build and fly this unique aircraft!
     The Affordaplane is built from construction plans, and all the airplanes you see on this site were built from our plans. They have just been updated (Dec 2016) and are completely revised and new. 279 information filled pages covering every aspect of aircraft construction. You can read about them on our plans page.


Empty Weight: 254 pounds
Gross Weight: 540 pounds
Wing Span: 27.5 feet
Wing Area: 117 Sq. feet
Length 17 feet, 3 inches
Height: 5 feet
Fuel Capacity: 5 gallons
Engine: 35 to 40 hp
Stall: 27 mph
Cruise 65 mph
Vne: 85
Takeoff Roll: 150 feet
Landing Roll: 150 feet
Build Time: Approx. 250 hours

Affordaplane 3 View

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